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Piano Lesson


 Expectations and Commitments

  1. The student’s commitment to the full academic year is expected (September to June)

  2. There are NO makeup lessons unless the reason is Teacher was not available at your scheduled time.

  3. Lessons that must be missed by the teacher will be rescheduled.

  4. Tuition fees are based on 34 lessons per term and are due by the first lesson in the term, each echeque to be emailed to me by  the 1st of the month  payable to: Lena Norkina  (based on 3.4 lessons per month) If you prefer you can also use Paypal .

  5. A $40.00 registration fee per family (non-refundable) will also be levied at the beginning of the term. You can pay this immediately by echeque to or  via Paypal 

  6. All students , siblings and parents or guardians attending in person lessons MUST be vaccinated against Covid19 unless there is a medical restriction as to why you are not vaccinated. If you have chosen for personal reasons only not to be vaccinated please do not attend the lesson, choose ZOOM lessons as an alternative

  7. Written notice of discontinuing lessons must be given no less than 30 days before payment is due.

  8. Please see the calendar page for when your lessons will be held.


N.B. Condition 6 above is predicated on there being a controlled pandemic situation if existing vaccines cannot immunize against new variants sufficiently we will be resorting to ZOOM lessons only!



Acknowledgement: I have read and agree to the above policies.

Signature of parent or guardian


Date ____________________________________

Name of Student ___________________________________

Parent(s) or Guardian(s) Legal Name(s) and home address(es) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Phone number ____________________________

Email ___________________________________


Email Privacy

This sole proprietorship is owned and operated by Elena Norkina .

Your email address will not be sold or divulged or made available to others under any circumstances and is used only to communicate with existing and or new clients about their music lessons and matters related to them. 

Should you wish to stop receiving email from simply

reply as such and you will be removed from our mailing list as soon as possible.

For further info you may also call Lena at 403-249-1990.

Piano Lesson
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