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Experience & Expertise

  • Freelance Flutist 

  • Accompanist

  • piano lessons online

  • flute lessons online

  • music theory lessons online


                Ms. Norkina started playing the piano at the age of seven at the Central

                Music School in Novorossiysk, Russia, majoring in Piano graduating with distinction . At the age of 16 Ms. Norkina entered the theory of music faculty at the Music College of Vinnitsa , Ukraine majoring in theoretical subjects and flute graduating with distinction 

                Ms. Norkina graduated from Lviv Lysenko State Conservatory. There she studied with Professors Yuri Smirnov (flute) and Vladimir Semenichenko (chamber ensemble) .


  •  1979 - 1996 Flute Teacher at Music School #1 , Vinnitsa, Ukraine

  •  1986 - 1996 The Head of the Wind Instruments Faculty of School # 1.

  •  1997-  to present after moving to Canada Ms. Norkina keeps teaching flute , piano and theory .


  •  1979 - 1986 Principal flutist at the Vinnista Music and Drama Theater in Ukraine.

  •  1986 - 1996 Accompanist at the Vinnista Music School # 1.

  •  1994 - 1996 Solo and chamber music performer(flute) at the Vinnitsa Art Gallery.

  • Canadian Experience

  •  2001-2003 Accompanist at the Unity Church of Canada, Calgary,Alberta

  •  1996 – to present: teaching from zoom and home studio plus freelancing as an Accompanist and Flutist in Calgary.

  •  References and Translation of Post Secondary Degree available upon request.

  • See My RCM Accreditation,click here.

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